Analog Sunday

Spilled some paint and just went with it.
Casualties: table.

Sometimes you long back for the core elements of just putting down a brush and see what happens.

Since I gave you a glance of my apartment above, I thought I might show you some more of my tiny Swedish home, were I do most my work outside of the University.

Step into my little studio

Petite House

Been playing with a more 'petite' style. I love it.

Saw a simple sign in a photo. Vectorized it and stole it.

Launch screen of an app I'm working on.

Playing around with three.js

First drawing: The meeting point in the walled city.

Compressed as a jpg, (Original svg).

Drawing time: ~4 hours.

March for love.

As a part of the charity organisation Star For Life's project "Marching for love" they wanted to combine their logo with a represantative figure for love.

I gave them Amor, the greek God of Love.

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